Sunday, April 23, 2006

New version of is now Available

I just released a new version of and here are some of the new features / changes.

  • I am about 90% finished with the new image uploader, it uses AJAX to make it look cool.. This just needs to be tested some more, and will be released when we finish with the new add/edit campground flow.
  • 95% finished with the PayPal upgrade. Just need to do some more testing. When complete, people can upgrade their listings to add new features using paypal.
  • Added links to the siteMap page to the google sitemap file, and the yahoo sitemap file.
  • finished working on the Latitude/longitude script, given an address it runs and gets the lat and long and updates the db..
  • Made it easier to add a maintainer to a campground when you don't have access to the database.
  • When turned on basic listings will have only 1 image.
  • Setup an efax account so that we can get free incoming fax's
  • If you want to do something that requires you to login, but you need to register, it will now remember what you were doing before you registered, and when complete will forward you to that page.
  • added link to add Campground reviews RSS Feed to Google Reader.
  • Created a Credits page where we can give credit to tools and people that helped us create
  • Changed it so that it says USA instead of campground list in the breadcrumbs
  • Finished adding the rest of the state images
  • Added a new SlideShow option to view the campground images. - Campground Reviews