Monday, April 05, 2004

Woke this morning and was surprised that the sun wasn't there like it has been for the last bunch of weeks.. Then I remembered that we switched to Day light savings time this past weekend, and then I looked out the window and I noticed it was snowing.. Snowing in April, that's Maine weather for you..

Sunday, April 04, 2004

This weekend we were dog sitting for my aunt while she was out of town and that was pretty nice. This was sort of a dry run for when we get our new dog Bowie. We visited Bowie today, check out the pictures.. He is getting so big. We were originally going to pick him up on April 15th (tax day) but we are trying to pick him up sooner. We just need to get the rest of the house finished and then we need to buy all his puppy stuff. I can't wait to bring him home.. We want to get him home before Easter so that we can show him to all of the relatives at Easter dinner..

I tried out URLRewriteFilter 1.0 this weekend. It is pretty much like the previous versions but it lets you change the debugging level, which I like a lot.. I have updated the files for but I haven't had a chance to put it live. I want to finish updating all of the patching on my server before I release the next version, but it seems that Progeny is down right now, I can't login to get my patches. I hope they fix it soon, I hate not having my server up to date with the latest patches.

Sorpronos is on tonight, I think it is a new episode. I recently got the HBO OnDemand channel and I have to say everything on TV should be OnDemand.. That is the coolest thing that has happened to TV since the guide feature. I think all channels even the network channels should have an OnDemand channel.. Why should the network execs tell me when I should watch a show, I know when I want to watch, let me control.. With the help of my DVR I can control most of time when I want to watch TV but it isn't the same..