Friday, April 02, 2004

This is my first message in my blog. Not sure what to say at the moment. Well I guess I can start by saying why I decided to start a blog. Well I guess I figured since everyone and there brother has one at the moment why not me. I am actually home sick from work right now, and stumbled across and I figured I would try it out while waiting for an email. It seems pretty easy so far.

I guess I can start by introducing myself, I am Ken Cochrane I live in Maine and I am a software Engineer. On my Free time I run a website called it is a movie related website with lots movies, reviews and such not. We run contests every month, and we just announced some new winners yesterday.. Someone one a new School of Rock DVD and two people one a Club Dread Prize pack.

Yesterday was April fools day and there was some pretty good jokes pulled. Google had their usual joke, but everyone thought their new GMail service was a joke as well. I am not sure if that was planned to get more hype or if it was just a coincidence but it did get lots of exposure. didn't want to be left out so they decided to give the butler a wardrobe malfunction, ala Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Boob show.


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